Posted by : Sukanta Sarkar Monday, October 28, 2013

        ::::: SEO:::::: 

 :::::::::::::types of seo:::::::::::

on page:: its depends on page title,tags,posts etc ..--make your web page related to  search query

of-page:: its related to other forum ,its like backlinking .... u must do it . to get more traffic to your website

making your page title::

you must make your page title like peoples they want always try to make all the titles.tags ,labels.which contains related informations to your site and the sites content

meta tags:: 

make your websites mata tag as like search keyword.indescription put all the related keywords which ,ataches to the content
.if your tags matches to the contents and search query .you will get more traffics.

link structure:: 
make url so easy and user friendly .and doesnot contains 301 error,401 ,502 errors ..make ur links informative

site nevigation::

all link to the sites url to the best posts ,that user can navigate to the best of ur website
like and also dont try to get them 404 error s...if they delets the tiny part of url it sholud not get error .must 
reach to the desored url by the search keyword.

quality of your website::

always keep ypur sites contents good.imean to say that keep everything genuine and not copy pasted
keep good materials thats very helpful to normal people make it,easy to understand etc.

anchor tags:: 
always use good anchor tags ,that users can understand what is placed behind the link that they can get it with good curosity
.dont misslead users .always remember users are the traffic.the more u will post good the more you will get traffics

always use high quality transparent images for better visibility.and clarity to get user get attracted for your posts

heading tags ::

heading tags are the most useful place to grab ur website in the search list .how ??
six head tags are there .if you put useful informations and useful tag keyword to ur head tags 
u can  get a great ammounts of traffic..

use robots.txt::

robots :: these are the place where u can select whicg pages can be indexed in the search engine
like which most pages will be crawled by users... and search engines.
dont do it if u dont know how to make it and how to use it.

submit url in search engine::

yes..its important to enlist ur site in the search engine.. how ??

just goto  and put all the information which will be
asked to you .now u can get more bosts the speed oftraffics

useful tips::
1. submit ur url to the all search engines
2.make backlinks from alexa,goole,populer forums
3.use crawler access good
4. dont copy paste
5.make menus visible to easiyly
6.make ur meta tags full of information of ur website
7.take top level domains for better priority
8.serve good to get good traffics in ur website 

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