Posted by : Sukanta Sarkar Sunday, October 13, 2013

                     hi, as you are searching for solution to implement your ads between posts?

yeah here is the complete procedure ...

dont panic ,just follow the steps i am going to tell . i am not telling so much things at all .i just 

completing whole process very easily .

step1: go to yor blogger template

step2:click edit html

step 3:click between the codes and press ctrl+f

step4:pot this lines without ""     .    "<data:post.body/>" closing tag

 now grt the adsense code from adsense dashboard

there in up box paste the adsense code and click on encode!!

yup.. u got the parsed code 

copy the code and paste it before or after  <data;post.body/>

do this steps carefully .u will get success !! happy earning

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