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The Popcorn Bowl from UncommonGoods strains unpopped kernels like a colander. The movie-night essential has its own back story.

There is a plot hole in the Popcorn Bowl from UncommonGoods -- in a good way.There is a plot hole in the Popcorn Bowl from UncommonGoods -- in a good way. UncommonGoods

Once upon a time, they lived happily ever after. The end. If that story sounds a little unfulfilling, perhaps this one will satiate your appetite: Once upon a time, you watched a movie. The end. Still need more? Of course, you do. What's a movie without popcorn?

The king of all movie snacks, however, has a plot hole. While eyes are glued to the screen, whether it be the silver screen or the HDTV screen, they cannot watch the food. And popcorn hides a little secret lurking in the bottom of the bowl: unpopped kernels.

Time for a new character to enter.

The Popcorn Bowl ($75), as the name does more than suggest, is a vessel for eating popcorn out of. But, there's a twist. The bottom of this particular bowl hides a secret compartment. The stoneware bowl features a colander-like trap door that allows pesky kernels to fall through while keeping the fluffy popped goodness within reach. No more surprise kernels finding their way into a big handful of popcorn.

The movie-night accessory has its own intriguing back story. The sifting bowl originally appeared on Etsy, designed by Catherine Smith. Online retailer UncommonGoods contacted her and licensed the design. After a few minor design tweaks and a hydraulic press, the ceramic Popcorn Bowl is now set to be a hit in your living room -- regardless of how the plot of the movie you watch plays out.

(Via Coolest Gadgets)

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